About Kohls

Kohl’s is an American department store chain operated by Kohl’s Corporation. In 1962, the company diversified by opening its first department store. Kohl’s has 1,158 department stores in various locations across the United States.Kohl’s company allows you to interact with them. To provide the information, Kohl created a plot in the form of a survey with some inspiration, known as KohlsFeedback.


In addition, Kohl stores’ popularity and success can be attributed to their customer-centric approach, which focuses on providing high-quality products at a reasonable price. The range of items available at Kohl department stores is extensive, including toys, clothes, games, jewelry, etc.

Kohls wants its customers to have a smooth and enjoyable experience with them. Therefore, the company strives to know the preferences of its customers. Want to know more about cleanliness, friendliness of employees, convenience of purchase, economy, service and product quality, among others. They want to know what they can do on their own.
Incorporated in 1908, Kohl’s provides a one-stop-shop where you can buy everything you need to build a home with the people you love. The store carries a wide range of products ranging from clothing for kids to trendy designer items.


The success and popularity of Kohl’s stores may be due to their focus on a customer-centric business that aims to provide the best quality products at a reasonable price. Kohl department stores offer various items such as toys, clothing, games, jewelry, etc.

At Kohl, you can buy almost anything without driving around town or ordering from multiple websites. Kohl’s offers several celebrity brands not available elsewhere, such as Lauren Conrad and Jennifer Lopez, each tailored to a specific body type.

It became a successful chain in the region and in 1962 the company expanded with the opening of the first department stores. As part of the British American Tobacco acquisition of the Kohl businesses in 1972, these businesses were sold to BATUS Inc. in 1979. Investors acquired the company in 1981. British American Tobacco became publicly traded in 1986.