Kohl’s Feedback Survey offers customers the opportunity to provide feedback to the company about their shopping experience at to receive Kohl’s survey code 10.


Entrants can earn up to $2,500 in rewards for sharing their honest opinions about the likes and dislikes of KohlsFeedback.

Know The Requirements

To participate in the Kohlslistens survey, customers must visit the Kohl’s department store and provide their Kohl’s ratings at or But for that, customers need a few important things. All items required for the survey are listed below.

  1. Access code for Kohl comments

To get your Kohl feedback access code, you need to go to the Kohl department store and make a purchase there. Upon purchase, you will receive a Kohls’s receipt. On your receipt, you’ll find the Kohls Feedback access code to participate in today’s survey.

  1. Laptop or notebook

You need to go to the Kohlslistens survey website. To do this you need a device such as a cell phone or laptop. Once you have the device with you, you need to connect it to an active Internet connection. This will allow you to access the Kohl Customer Satisfaction Survey website.


  1. English or Spanish

To understand Kohl Feedback survey questions, you must speak English or Spanish. Because the search is only done online in these two languages. Therefore, you will need to select one of these two languages ​​on the survey site. When choosing the language, be sure to choose the one you understand.

  1. Survey website

The main problem for people surveyed by Kohlslisten is knowing the Kohl Customer Satisfaction Survey website. and are valid sites. You can enter any of these URLs and go to the same search page.